Wantage Gardeners Association (WGA) Privacy Policy -  May 2018

WGA holds members’ personal information to allow it to operate in a manner agreed by the committee and reviewed at the members AGM.

What information does WGA hold?

Names and contact details as provided on the membership forms completed on joining or renewing membership on an annual basis.

How will this information be used?

For the purposes of running the Association which will include:

We will also pass on your postal details only to Kings Seeds Ltd to allow them to provide you with their catalogue but only when this has been specifically agreed to on your membership form. This consent will be renewed annually.

We will not supply your details to any other 3rd parties without prior agreement.

Who has Access to our membership records?

Members of the committee only.

How long will WGA hold your details?

For not longer than 3 years from the time of joining or renewing membership.

Who do I contact if I want to remove or update my details?

Please email info@wantagegardenenrs.org.uk or contact any member of the committee, details are given on the contacts section of our web page - http://www.wantagegardeners.org.uk/ .


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