The shop is now open from 6 to 7:30 on Wednesday evenings until 29/5/19.

7/3/19 - Now in stock - Garlic (60p/Clove) - Shallots (£1.50p/500g) - Onions (£1/500g)

Allotments are now available in Wantage, if you are interested contact the Council here.

22/2/19 - Potatoes are now in stock, prices are held to the same as last year.

The following varieties are still in stock:

Foremost / Arron Pilot / Charlotte / Rocket / Kestrel / Wilja / Cara / Desiree / Maris Piper - £2/2Kg

Also Sarpo Mira and Pink Fir Apple - £3/2 Kg

2/2/19 - RHS Discount Card

As part of our affiliate membership of the RHS we now have a card which gives 2 adults 30% off entry to Wisley*, Harlow Carr, Hyde Hall and Rosemoor.

If you are interested please ask to borrow the card from the shop - a deposit is required.

*Standard entry for Wisley is £14.50 per person giving a saving of £8.70 for 2.

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