The shop is now open from 6 to 7:30 on Wednesday evenings until 29/5/19.

21/4/19 - Newsletter

New Products

Spring is well on its way (unlike last year at this time) and the shop is now open on Wednesday nights (6 - 7:30) until the end of May.

Darren has also sourced some very cost effective liquid feeds – Liquid Growmore, Liquid Seaweed and Tomato Feed are now all available at £3 per bottle (a reduction for the tomato feed).


We also now stock Mycorrhizal Fungi which is increasingly recommended as a way to improve the establishment of new plants – prices are £1.70 per 10g sachet or £8.30 for a box of 5 x 10g.

The compost range has also been expanded to include a Soil Association approved organic version of the very popular Sylvagrow composts at the same price (£6.70) as the standard and added John Innes added versions.

National Allotment Society Plotholder Insurance

We have been investigating the plotholder insurance the National Allotment Society offer as part of their membership package and feel we have enough interest to make this worthwhile offering to WGA members.

We have now joined the NAS and so can offer plotholder insurance for £3 in addition to your WGA membership.

The signing up process will be to ask you to complete an application form in the shop and we will then send this off to the NAS – when you hear back by email to say this has been registered you will be covered until 31st March 2020 (irrespective of when membership is taken out).

The following is some more information from the NAS site:

What is this product?
This is a liability insurance product purchased by the NAS but designed to provide protection to member plot-holders accused of accidently causing injury or damaging property. The benefit is worth up to £50,000 and will pay for defence costs and the cost of any award made. As a member plot-holder you would be protected both at your allotment plot but also if you attend shows / events which are allotment related.
You might ask how an individual could enjoy this benefit when the local association buys insurance. Unfortunately, there are a number of situations where members cannot rely on that assumption. Here are a few examples:
You are away from your local club when the accident took place so the club insurance would not respond.
You might have caused an accident that could not be blamed on your local club. For example: you may have operated a lawnmower over gravel, causing stones to fly up or the head of your axe flew off unexpectedly.

Any of these situations could cause an injury or damage to property and could result in you being sued.

For more information see and the policy document and a Q&A leaflet is attached to this email.

If you have any specific questions, please contact the NAS (01536 266576) as we will not be able to give advice on the details of the cover provided.

The council are now strongly encouraging plotholders to have their own insurance and we hope this will offer our members a very cost effective way of providing this.

Please come along to the shop to sign up.

Free Entry to RHS Wisley

We hold affiliate membership for the RHS and this entitles us to 1 free visit (normal cost £14.50 PP) to one of their gardens for up to 55 members.

We are proposing to offer the entry to members who are willing to make their own way to Wisley (as the nearest site), we are open to suggestions as to when the make the visit but had thought of sometime towards the end of July to give time to organise and advertise it. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity please let us know at so that we can gauge interest. Please let us know what day you would prefer – this would again be first come / first served if we reach the maximum of 55 for the visit.

If there is good take-up, we can make this an annual event.

We also have an entry card for any RHS garden available to borrow at no cost which gives 30% saving at any time – ask in the shop if you would like to use this.

Plant Sales

We have our normal plant sales coming up in a few weeks’ time and, as always, look forward to any donations you can spare for us.

After the success of a second, slightly later sale last year we have decided to repeat this so the dates will be:

May 18th – GHS at Grove village hall

May 25th – WGA sale at the hut (10:00 start)

June 8th – WGA second sale (10:00 start)

If you would like to sow a few extra plants in the next weeks to support us this would be much appreciated – this is the main way we raise money for the local charities the Association supports.


7/3/19 - Now in stock - Garlic (60p/Clove) - Shallots (£1.50p/500g) - Onions (£1/500g)

Allotments are now available in Wantage, if you are interested contact the Council here.

22/2/19 - Potatoes are now in stock, prices are held to the same as last year.

The following varieties are still in stock:

Foremost / Arron Pilot / Charlotte / Rocket / Kestrel / Wilja / Cara / Desiree / Maris Piper - £2/2Kg

Also Sarpo Mira and Pink Fir Apple - £3/2 Kg

2/2/19 - RHS Discount Card

As part of our affiliate membership of the RHS we now have a card which gives 2 adults 30% off entry to Wisley*, Harlow Carr, Hyde Hall and Rosemoor.

If you are interested please ask to borrow the card from the shop - a deposit is required.

*Standard entry for Wisley is £14.50 per person giving a saving of £8.70 for 2.

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